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About the Team

Our Superhero's Unmasked!


Dustin Sanderson


After completely owning the Architectural Engineering and Building Construction courses at Southeast Community College, Dustin went to work framing houses.  When he wasn't eating his lunches from the tops of the roofs he was learning valuable skills that can't be taught in the classroom.  After framing houses he worked for a local home builder for the past 7 years. While there, he was a Dustin-of-all-trade;, trademark pending.  Not only was he a total computer nerd getting his thrills from drafting homes, but he was also extremely manly working in the field and scheduling subcontractors. His experience has put him in a unique position, to provide customers with everything they could ever need or want.

Jeff Pankoke

Owner, Structural Engineer

Also referred to as the side-kick, Jeff graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln after equally geeking out, but for him, it was at the ideas that ensure buildings of all shapes, sizes, and materials stand up.  Quality is the name of his game and he's your biggest advocate for making sure every phase of your home build is done to the epitome of structural integrity and quality.  After working with architects for a decade, magically making floating staircases, Jeff can find a structurally possible way to make any idea work - one of his most admired skills is being flexible - never be afraid to say, "Is it possible to..." 

You will never find a better team to build your home. Unless you can hire Bob Vila, I hear he is pretty good too.


Trevor Fisher

Project Manager

Our office's most interesting man in the world, his journey through life has brought him to Lincoln from Denver, Colorado.  Don't let the camo crocs fool you! Trevor is always ready for action when he kicks them into 4-wheel drive to get things done! He started his career in engineering but always had a passion for construction as well as an unhealthy obsession for tools, sorry Shelby(his wife). He then began working for a remodeling company in Colorado where he worked on everything from remodels to additions to general maintenance on houses for the uber-rich.  After moving to Lincoln he began working for a glass company as a project manager. Now he leads the field production of new construction and remodeling here at RED Custom Homes.  He will be your go-to during the build process to ensure your project is completed to the level you desire.

Did I mention he also officiates weddings?

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