Homes built for structural peace of mind

RED Custom Homes was established with the goal of rocking the boat of standardized cookie-cutter home design.  The residential design practices of today utilize minimal rules to design a home so they may last but one lifetime before needing major repairs.  RED has set out to change the mainstream residential standard and instead builds homes with superior structural integrity.  RED Custom Homes was founded by a licensed structural engineer and a skilled draftsman who has nearly a decade of project management experience.  RED owners also have a keen eye and the highest standards for ensuring your home gets built with structural integrity from the ground up to provide you with structural peace of mind.

Dustin Sanderson, Owner

After completely owning the Architectural Engineering and Building Construction courses at Southeast Community College, Dustin went to work framing houses.  When he wasn't eating his lunches from the tops of the roofs he was learning valuable skills that can't be taught in the classroom.  After framing houses he worked for a local home builder for the past 7 years.  While there, he was a Dustin-of-all-trade;, trademark pending.  Not only was he a total computer nerd getting his thrills from drafting homes, but he was also extremely manly working in the field and scheduling subcontractors. His experience has put him in a unique position to provide customers with everything they could ever need or want, walking them through the endless options they never knew they couldn't live without.

Jeff Pankoke, Owner, S.E.

Also referred to as the side-kick, Jeff graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln after equally geeking out, but for him, it was at the ideas that ensure buildings of all shapes, sizes, and materials stand up.  Quality is the name of his game and he's your biggest advocate for making sure every phase of your home build is done to the epitome of structural integrity and quality.  After working with architects for a decade, magically making floating staircases and the like actually work from a structural perspective, Jeff can find a structurally possible way to make any idea work - one of his most admired skills is being flexible - never be afraid to say, "Is it possible to..." 


You will never find a better team to build your home. Unless you can hire Bob Vila, I hear he is pretty good too.